Friday, July 5, 2013

Adventures at Enchanted Rock

While many of our crew were in Colorado, half of the Kili crew did a day trip to Enchanted Rock State Park. Enchanted Rock tips out at a whopping 1900'. Watch out. We packed our packs fairly full (mine was 20lbs) and took some of the rockier paths around the park. Lisa and I ended up making our own switchbacks up the rock to make ascending a little easier. We had to do the same on the way down as well. My knees were far from happy. Temps were a cool 108 that day so my assumed plan of going up and down a few times and a few times around the 4 mile loop were shortened...a lot. We did get in a little over 4 miles hiking with 1 or 2 trips to the top (superstars Jerry and Sreeni went for round 2 while Lisa, Mike, and I sat in the shade - foreshadowing of what is to come? We will see).

Afterwards we enjoyed an amazing lunch at The Brewery in downtown Fredericksburg - it was great food! We had a blast on our little day trip and considered it as much team building as it was training.

Sreeni, Jerry, Kathleen, Lisa, Mike

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  1. I love this team shot at the top!!! What a great looking crew.