Friday, August 16, 2013

Gear For Kilimanjaro

Here is the packing pictures for the climb on Kilimanjaro.  

1.  Additional Food for Kilimanjaro

Food includes:  Shot Blocks,  Oatmega bars,  Power Bars,  Honey Stingers,  Salmon and some nuts.

2.  Gear that I am carrying the first day.

3.  Gear that goes in the duffel bag that the porter will carry. 

Note that the sleeping bag is a camping sleeping bag that weighs close to the one I am going to rent.

4.   Total weight of the duffel bag that the porter will carry.

The max weight the porters can carry is 15Kgs (33lbs).  It looks like I have to:
  •  Leave some stuff behind
  •  Carry some more stuff in my backpack.
  •  Get another porter.

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